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Bulletin Announcements

March 7, 2021

New to Cedar Grove/Address Change ~ If you are new to Cedar Grove or need to change your address/phone number so we can keep our directory up to date, there is a form on the small table at the front entrance under the telephone. Please fill it out and leave it on the table.  You will also find copies of the directory there if you would like one.

Deacon Meeting ~ Sunday March 14, 2021, 6:30 PM at the Prices.

LENTEN DEVOTIONALS ~ Our Lenten Theme for 2021 is SACRED INVITATION. You are invited “to grasp the life-changing reality of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. As we journey through Lent, may we find our place in that grand story.” Lent begins THIS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10th. There are Lenten Devotionals available on the Welcome Tables for your study as we take that the journey together. They will coincide with the sermon series much the same as our Advent time together.

LENTEN CONVERSATIONS ~ This Wednesday and each Wednesday through the Lenten Season we will meet for a time of Lenten Conversation. The conversation will revolve around the sermon scripture for the coming Sunday. You are invited to join us in the ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSROOM at 6:45 PM on Wednesdays!

Masks ~ There are MORE masks on the front Welcome Table with our Cedar Grove Logo on them. All donations will go to our youth.

March Calendar ~ Calendars are available for pickup on each Welcome Table.

Activity Pages ~ Children’s activity pages are available at the Main Welcome Table each Sunday.